Piers Baylis - Peter Holmes - Andrew Holmes

Scottish Borders Art Glass

We sit down with Peter Holmes & Andrew Holmes of Scottish Borders Art Glass to discuss; Glass Making, Metal Work, their upcoming move from Hawick to Selkirk after 17 years, and their approach to making a bespoke business model work in the Scottish Borders.

If you want to see the sculpture referred to in the podcast the best place is here:- www.instagram.com/andrewholmesglass/

A la Grand Designs we shall be following up with Peter and Andrew once they have successfully moved in to their new premises in Selkirk.

Recorded 27th September 2019

Piers Baylis - Emily McGowan - McGowan Marketing

We sit down with Emily McGowan of McGowan Marketing to discuss marketing in the Scottish Borders and walking away from a full-time career to start your own business.

Recorded 17th September 2019

Piers Baylis - Sophie Robson - Les Amis D'Onno

We sit down with Sophie Robson of the Les Amis D'Onno to discuss the building of the first Equestrian Theatre in Scotland.

We also discuss; the business side of taking the show on the road, trick riding, and Marijke de Jong’s Straightness training.

Recorded 10th September 2019

Piers Baylis - John Fordyce - The Borders Distillery

We sit down with John Fordyce of the Borders Distillery in Hawick to discuss business advice, whisky, and why his company chose to settle in the Scottish Borders.

Recorded 30th August 2019.